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Yamaha's Motorcycle Demo Tour is on now!


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Yamaha is proud to be partnered with some of the finest boat manufacturers in the industry, providing a vast array of applications to suit every taste, budget, and type of use. The list below provides you with a complete list of Yamaha Boat Builder Partners. The list is sorted by boat type, boat brand and also identifies PowerMatched builders.

When affixed to a particular boat and certified by an authorized Yamaha Marine Dealer, the PowerMatched emblem means that specific boat uses the PowerMatched System, and carries the PowerMatched System Limited Warranty.

Read more about Yamaha's PowerMatched System by clicking the logo on the right side, and look for the PowerMatched emblem on boats during your buying decision. It's your assurance that the package you're reviewing is built with the best outboard power system available Yamaha.

Select Boat Type:

Boat Type Boat Brand Name PowerMatched Website Address Phone
Aluminum Alumacraft alumacraft.com 507-931-1050
Aluminum Alumarine alumarineboats.net 204.334.7700
Aluminum Duckworth duckworthboats.com 800-597-9189
Aluminum G3 g3boats.com 800-588-9787
Aluminum Henley Boats henleyboats.com 705-859-3660
Aluminum Hewescraft www.hewescraft.com 800-326-6594
Aluminum Kingfisher www.kingfisherboats.com 888-545-9171
Aluminum Lifetimer lifetimerboats..com 250-748-2187
Aluminum Mirrocraft mirrocraft.com 920-855-2168
Aluminum Northwest northwest-boats.com 509-758-9831
Aluminum Polar Kraft polarkraft.com 574-457-2082
Aluminum River Hawk Boats rhboats.com 541-779-2545
Aluminum Silver Dolphin fab-tech.ca 709-533-2375
Aluminum Smoker Craft www.smokercraft.com 866-719-7873
Aluminum Stanley stanleyboats.ca 705.746.5875
Aluminum Starcraft www.starcraftmarine.com 866-772-4538
Aluminum Sylvan sylvanmarine.com 866-766-9698
Aluminum Weldcraft weldcraftmarine.com 800-597-9189
Fiberglass Allante campionboats.com 250-765-7795
Fiberglass Campion campionboats.com 250-765-7795
Fiberglass Capelli www.capellicanada.com 450-582-0763
Fiberglass Chase campionboats.com 250-765-7795
Fiberglass Coastal Boats coastlineadventures.ca 709-268-2142
Fiberglass Edgewater ewboats.com 386-426-5457
Fiberglass Four Winns fourwinns.com 231-775-1351
Fiberglass Glastron glastron.com 231-775-1351
Fiberglass Grady White gradywhite.com 252-752-2111
Fiberglass Hurricane godfreymarine.com 574-522-8381
Fiberglass Hunt Yachts huntyachts.com 401-324-4201
Fiberglass Key West keywestboatsinc.com 843-873-0112
Fiberglass Larson larsonboats.com 320-632-5481
Fiberglass Limestone medeiros-boatworks.com 905-257-0151
Fiberglass Nauticstar nauticstarboats.com 662-256-5636
Fiberglass Pioneer pioneerboats.com 843-538-6604
Fiberglass Pursuit pursuitboats.com 772-465-6006
Fiberglass Ranger rangerboats.com 870-453-2222
Fiberglass Robalo robalo.com 229-686-6502
Fiberglass Rossiter rossiterboats.com 866-251-3280
Fiberglass Rothbilt Boats rothbiltboats.com 617-510-0867
Fiberglass Sailfish www.sailfishboats.com 229-377-2125
Fiberglass Scout scoutboats.com 843-821-0068
Fiberglass Seabreeze seabreezeboats.ca 709-678-6227
Fiberglass Skeeter skeeterboats.com 903-984-0541
Fiberglass Starcraft www.starcraftmarine.com 866-772-4538
Fiberglass Triumph www.triumphboats.com 320-632-5481
Fiberglass Wellcraft wellcraft.com 231-775-1351
Fiberglass Jeanneau jeanneau.com 410-280-9400
Fiberglass Parker Boats parkerboats.net 252-728-5261
Fiberglass Rinker www.rinkerboats.com 574-457-5731
Fiberglass Stingray stingrayboats.com 843-383-3710
Fiberglass Tidewater tidewaterboats.net 803-732-7300
Inflatable Brig www.brigcanada.com 450-932-1796
Inflatable Highfield (East) megalukeproducts.com 866-920-0516
Inflatable Highfield (West) www.marlonproducts.com 604-792-9411
Inflatable Capelli capellicanada.com 450-582-0763
Inflatable Grand grandboats.com 905-760-8519
Inflatable Titan Boats titanboats.com 250-656-3153
Inflatable Walker Bay Boats www.walkerbay.com 888-315-1410
Inflatable Zodiac (Recreational) zodiac-nautic.com 843-285-7262
Inflatable Zodiac Hurricane zodiacmilpro.com 604-940-2999
Pontoon Aqua Patio godfreymarine.com 574-522-8381
Pontoon Avalon www.avalonpontoons.com 800-334-2913
Pontoon Bennington benningtonmarine.com 574-264-6336
Pontoon Berkshire berkshirepontoon.com 574-825-8696
Pontoon Crest crestpontoonboats.com 989-725-5188
Pontoon Suncatcher suncatcherpontoons.com 800-588-9787
Pontoon JYS Marine lecourssoudure.com 819-3643559
Pontoon Manitou manitoupontoonboats.com 800-999-9788
Pontoon Premier pontoons.com 800-815-6392
Pontoon Qwest gillgetter.com 877-463-0356
Pontoon Sanpan godfreymarine.com 574-522-8381
Pontoon Southbay Pontoons southbaypontoon.com 574-825-8696
Pontoon Southland southlandpontoonboats.com 418-774-3197
Pontoon Starcraft www.starcraftmarine.com 866-772-4538
Pontoon Sunchaser sunchaserboats.com 866-772-4538
Pontoon Sweet Water godfreymarine.com 574-522-8381
Pontoon Sylvan sylvanmarine.com 866-766-9698
Pontoon Trifecta trifectapontoon.com 574-825-8696
Pontoon Weeres weeres.com 705-690-1850
Boat Type Boat Brand Name PowerMatched Website Address Phone