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DFK Hard Cab System

DFK Hard Cab System DFK Hard Cab System DFK Hard Cab System



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With DFK's hard cab system, you're sure to be comfortable, even if the elements aren't. Offers the perfect balance of visibility, quality, and comfort to your Side-by-Side. Having windows that open to provide excellent airflow and removable cab doors that can be substituted with the stock doors allows for all season usage. Standard side mirrors and lockable doors provide additional safety features that make this a true premium cab system, perfectly matched to your unit.

  • Made from a combination of safety glass and hard-coated polycarbonate, giving the driver excellent visibility utilizing the unit's stock frame
  • Front panel is made from safety glass and ready for installation of the DFK Windshield Wiper and Washer Kit, sold separately
  • Works with either the Heater Craft Ducted Hydronic Heater System, or the DFK Heater Kit (both sold separately)
  • Doors are made from a combination of safety glass (sliding windows) and transparent, UV-protected, hard-coated polycarbonate
  • Doors hang on the metal door bases and have a steel structure
  • All doors are lockable, 180° openable, and easily removable
  • Roof is made of metal sheeting and noise reduction upholstery
  • No drilling required
  • Dealer installation recommended


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