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MSA® M25 Machined Edge Wheel + EFX® 27" MotoHammer Tire Kit

MSA® M25 Machined Edge Wheel + EFX® 27 MSA® M25 Machined Edge Wheel + EFX® 27



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Yamaha exclusive MSA® M25 Rocker wheel with a matching set of EFX® MotoHammer hard terrain tires provide additional ground clearance along with exceptional hard terrain traction. This package will enhance the look and hard terrain performance of your Yamaha. The MotoHammer tire is the single best hard pack tire on the market, boasting the largest contact patches, superior traction control, rugged 8-ply carcass and radial performance. The MotoHammer was also engineered with a shoulder tooth lug that grips and grabs when you need it most. Racers will appreciate the high speed rating and radial technology, keeping you centred up and in control to punch the straightaways. Trail riders will love the 8-ply carcass and completely re-engineered soft compound that conforms to your terrain.

  • Complete set of 4 wheels and tires
  • Mounted and ready to install * Includes correct lug nuts and centre caps
  • Front Tires - 8-Ply Radial; Size: 27x9-14R; Weight: 28.8 lbs; O.D.: 27"; Lug: .75"; Load Index: 800 lbs; Speed Rating: 73J; PSI: 24; Rim: 14"; Terrain: Hardpack, A/T
  • Rear Tires - 8-Ply Radial; Size: 27x11-14R; Weight: 36.3 lbs; O.D.: 27"; Lug: .75"; Load Index: 800 lbs; Speed Rating: 73J; PSI: 24;; Rim: 14"; Terrain: Hardpack, A/T
  • Wheels - Size: 14x7; Offset: +10mm; Bolt Pattern: 4x110; Finish: Machined Edges


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